Loop | Less noise, more sound

Diego Lezama
Industrial Design
Project Overview
LOOP is a wearable designed to improve interaction by reducing unwanted auditive stimuli. The device reduces background noise and enhances nearby voices through advanced control algorithms and digital signal processing. LOOP was specially developed to satisfy the requirements of people with auditory hypersensibility within the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The project was developed during the 2016 innovation semester at Tecnol├│gico de Monterrey.
Elizabeth Figueroa
Industrial Design
Mauricio González
Computer Science
Luis Trujillo
LOOP is the result of engineering and design merged to create intuitive interaction. Every feature was carefully designed to satisfy the requirements of people within the Autism Spectrum Disorder. LOOP's unique design transforms into a compact form to provide protection and portability while offering a comfortable and ergonomic experience.

How it works

LOOP's Smart Filter uses algorithms to make an automatic reduction of unwanted noises based on both amplitude and frequency of the signal. The result is a filter that reduces most background noises and enhances nearby voices.

The app

Connect to a companion app using Bluetooth to control and monitor device settings.

Change between smart filter mode, Active Noise Cancellation or wireless music streaming.
Customize filter settings based on your needs and surroundings.
Keep track of battery level and updates through the app.