Inertial Motion Capture

An innovative platform that uses wearable devices powered by inertial sensors to measure, analyze and render the movement of the user in real time.
Project Overview
A collaboration with Nahui TecnologĂ­a y Desarrollo, a recently founded technology development startup in Mexico. The project consisted on the development of the software interface for the NIMU project; a motion analysis platform that uses inertial sensors and IoT for biomedical applications.
Collaboration with:
Rodrigo Olivares

Capture every movement

The result of accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensor fusion provides precise orientation, linear acceleration and angular velocity measurements. The data is shown in an interactive graph and animated in a kinematic model of the human body.
Record sessions
Play, pause and record sessions to compare and evaluate improvement in motion patterns.
Completely wireless
Just connect over any wifi network and start receiving data. The platform supports multi-device connection.